Dancing Bare Foot Around My Flat

Yay! If I drank alcohol I’d be sipping champagne. As I don’t I’m guzzling tea. Am not a rubbish writer afterall.

I entered the Short Story Radio Romance contest a few weeks ago. Today is the day that the short listed entrants are notified. I kept checking my email all day but didn’t get an email.

Then, at 18:30 I get an email telling me Im on the short list. Am squealing with delight. Now I have to produce the second half of the story by 27th of January. Fingers crossed.



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Writing Quagmire

Okay, I spent almost two hours searching through my computer for my Cally Taylor contest entry. EEKK!!! Then I got a rejection from Flashfiction. Oh well!

I’ve almost got my second entry ready for Mslexia. Does writing ever get any easier? I got two lovely comments for my story on www.enchantedconversation.org. If any of you are interested they’re looking for submissions on the theme of Beauty and the Beast

I love Desperate Housewives. I just wish my dialogue was as good.


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Great contest

Check out this link. Sounds like a great contest for anyone who writes for children. Its one way to get an agent to look at your stuff quickly.



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The Great Slashfest

Well, I got the story in and within word count. The editor told me she loves it. Its not quite right for the next issue but she wants it for the September one they’re doing on Steampunk.  Yay!

 Try chopping away a third of your story some time. It takes some doing. I’m still moping up the blood and sweat from my floorboards.

I recycled my story from Varilux for the Mslexia short story competition. Any of you interested, the prize is pretty fantastic, two thousand pounds sterling, a writer’s retreat and a day with an editor, and publising in Mslexia. www.mslexia.co.uk

I haven’t done any writing all weekend. I’m so sick. My head thinks its a foot ball being kicked around a field.

Take care and keep warm. Its still freezing out there.


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Stuffed Noses and Keyboards

Its very hard to type and sneeze at the same time. An editor rejected a story of mine but said my writing was fantastic and my dialogue was magnificent. Not very often I hear that. She asked me to come up with a story for their next edition. The catch, it had to be ready by tomorrow.

I’ve been working on it all week. Word count of 1st draft? 3,198. Word limit, 2,000. That does not compute. In between sneezing I’ve been trying to slice and dice my story by a third. Five hours later I finally have it down. But I’m scared that the story is going to be too sparse now. Oh well! I’ve done my best.

Next stop? My heaven can wait story. Want to enter a great competition? Check out www.callytaylor.co.uk/competition The money isn’t that big but the top three entrants get an interview with an agent from the Darley Anderson Agency. Cool, huh? Closing date 15th of January.

Take care


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Hi there

I’ve been away nearly two weeks. Hope you all had a merry christmas.

I’ve finished my first chapter for the CWA. I’ve also done my story for the Heaven Can Wait competition. I’ve lots more to do now. All this writing is a full time job.

I’m re watching Dr. Who Christmas special at the moment. I love the series but this episode is a little hard to follow. Maybe it’ll make more sense when I see the second part later on in the week. Isn’t it cheating that the Time Lords have returned? Genius bringing in Timothy Dalton. I’ll miss David Tennant. I wonder what the new doctor will be like.

Take care and happy new year


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I love Chris and Ola part II

Chris and Ola are through to the finals. Yay! I’m delighted they got through. I’ve been watching SCD It takes 2 and their training is looking good. Am v sorry Alli and Brian didn’t get through. I thought they looked amazing, and they got the most 10’s

I’ve almost got my ms ready to send into O’Brien Press. I’m going to check it over one more time and then get rid of it before sheer terror gets the better of me and I delete it. I still don’t have a better title then ‘Wings’ or ‘The Cloud Palace’. V boring.

I entered the Short Story Radio Romance contest yesterday, right on the last day. My email wouldn’t work for ages and I was panicking. But I squeaked in just at the cut off point.

Am on night duty tonight. Three more nights to go and then I’m off Christmas week. Its my first Christmas off for about 4-5 years. Yay!

It was snowing in Dublin earlier. Maybe we’ll have a white Christmas

Merry Christmas


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Making Lemonade

Okay, I’m just back from the Varilux contest awards and I didn’t come in the top three. But I was stunned to see that most of the others on the short list had books and short stories already published. So I was in very auspicious company.

I also didn’t come anywhere in the Mills and Boon contest. And I’ve been rejected by Avon.

On the plus side I was told today that the publishers that have my ms take 6-8 months to decide whether to take the book and the longer they take the better. So I probably won’t hear until March at the earliest. I think I might lose my reason, or at least my finger nails.

Whoever thinks writing is easy should give it a go. Maybe its easier for others but for me its hard bloody work.

Take care


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Denial is not just a river in Egypt

I’m pretending yesterday’s budget didn’t happen. For those of you who don’t live in Ireland the Finance minster Mr. Brian Lenihan brought in a new budget. Basically my salary is going to be cut  by about 130 euros a month. That’s another 7% cut, a few months ago I had a cut of 7.5% in the guise of the pension levy.

But anyway, I’ve decided it hasn’t happened. I’ve had a manicure and a facial and I’m going to the Varilux award ceremony tomorrow. Yay!

In fantasy land the publisher who has my full manuscript is going to call me tomorrow to offer me a six figure deal and I’m going to win the M&B competition and get a book published with them as well. And, of course, will the contest. See how delusional I am. I think I need to start on medication.

I haven’t done any writing whatsoever all week. I’ve been distracted by Mahjong. Bad girl!

I’ve so much I want to get done before Christmas. AGGH!!!!

Wish me luck


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Is This a Dagger I See Before Me?

Hi, I’ve returned from the zombie swamp land that is night duty. I’m just starting to recover. On my week off now.

I’ve decided to enter the CWA contest for new writers. Or maybe its still the nightduty talking. My story is about a nurse on night duty who’s hit by a patient. Then that same patient is found dead in the morning.

No, its not based on real life, I’ve never killed a patient lol

I’m going to the award ceremony for the Varilux contest is on Friday. My friend is driving me down to Limerick. I’m so excited about it. I had to write a bio for the press release. Me! Writing a Bio! It sounds so cool.

I’ll try not to leave it so long between posts in future

Take care everyone


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