Nothing for Ages and then Three Come Along at Once

February 26, 2010 strictlyinkwell

I was feeling very sorry for myself. January, like for many people was not a good month for me. I got a rejection and three not very nice critiques of my stories. I was beginning to think that I should just forget about writing. After all, do people really want to read what I write?

Then, end of January I got short listed on the short story radio romance competition. I wrote up the second half of the story and sent it in. And what do you know? I came runner up. They sent me a detailed (wincingly thorough) edit of my story.  Yay! Although it would’ve been nice to win some money. One of these days I’m going to win! But I’m getting closer to it.

Then I got my critique from Abbey Hill while told me while I didn’t place in the top four I did make the last round. Yay!

And of course there’s my Enchanted Conversation story.

Still waiting to hear from the publisher. But the longer it takes the better apparently. I’ve almost got my submission ready for Carina Press.

Fingers crossed



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