Operation Transformation

January 27, 2010 strictlyinkwell

I’m loving Operation Transformation on RTE. For non-Irish readers of my blog its a show following people as they aim to lose weight. The food and exercise plans of each person (called leaders) is on the RTE website. I’m not following any of the leaders as I’ve just started Weightwatchers (again) but its inspiring to watch. They’re training with the Irish army. I really felt for the guy who had to dive from a height when he’s scared of heights. I’m terrified of heights, and water.

I’m being weighted tomorrow and for some reason I’m very hungry tonight. I’m out of teabags but I don’t want to go to the shop in case I give in to temptation and buy chocolate and/or cake and/or sweets and/or biscuits. So I’m eating veg and I’ve sugar-free jelly waiting to set in my fridge.

I’ve not done a lot of writing this week. My Kindle is distracting me. I’ve to send all my pdf files to the kindle address and then wait until the converted files are sent back. And each file I send comes back in a separate email. Grrr! Its taking ages. On my first attempt I sent the documents to my kindle email instead of my kindle free email. So the documents were sent to my kindle via whispernet and I was charged a dollar per mb. Not a big deal you would think but they round up to the nearest megabite on each document. It cost me about 15 dollars. I do love my kindle but I’m suffering from a lot of internal conflict about it right now.

I’ve submitted to yet another agent today. Then I’ve to finish my Enchanted Conversation  submission based on Beauty and the Beast and my submission to Abbey Hill contest. Then I’ve… Oh, I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

Take care



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