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I can’t believe how long its been since I’ve put up a post. I’ve been so busy. I’ve had two stories looked at by Wildrose Press and I’ve had to do rewrites on both but they like them. Yay! I’ll hopefully hear about one of them on Tuesday.

I made the short list in the Cally Taylor ‘Heaven Can Wait’ contest and I came 3rd in the last Abbeyhill Quick Lit contest. One of these days I’m actually going to win something but at least I’ve come close.

I’m in the middle of rewriting my novel. If you want to read the prologue and first chapter check out Inkwell cafe www.inkwellwriters.ie and my story is up on www.enchantedconversation.org I got some lovely comments on it already. One person likened my writing to Tracey Chevalier. How cool is that? If you fancy a chance at winning $25 Amazon voucher leave a comment on one of the stories or poems on Enchanted Conversation before May 15th. And if you fancy writing there’s another contest for $25, you have to write a story on the 50th wedding anniversary of Beauty and the Beast.

Goodnight, I’m working on the bank holiday.


P.S. RIP Gerry Ryan, Irish broadcaster


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Going bald

Okay, I know this is a good complaint. Scratch that, its a great complaint but its leaving me feeling pretty frazzled. And I’ve a desire to pull out my hair.

I’ve to rewrite my poor little book. As in, scrap what I’ve done already, get out my notebook and write. I’ve typed up three chapters, and chapter four is in long hand. I feel like having a tantrum but no one would listen to me. I’ve a publisher interested based on a one paragraph pitch. But I’ve to do all this work first. If anyone thinks writing is an easy job try it for a few days.

Results for Abbey Hill Quick lit contest out. I came third. Yay! I won $50 so am rich. Its great but one of these days I’m going to write a story that’s good enough to win instead of coming runner up.

Any writers of romance out there reading this? Wildrose Press are looking for shorter stories, that is between 7,500 and 50,000 words across all their lines. They’re interested in one of mine but I’ve to do a rewrite.

I’ve a feeling I’m going to be throwing my laptop out the window soon.


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Swings and Roundabouts

Sorry I haven’t written anything for a while. I’ve been hiding away. After almost seven months I got a three line email saying they were rejecting my poor little book. Boo hoo!!! That’s it, I can’t write, I’m burning everything etc etc.

After a day of feeling sorry for myself I started to plan. I submitted an extended version of the story that came runner up in the Short Story radio contest. I got an email back almost immediately. They like it. I just have to add a few scenes from the male point of view. Okay, I can do that! Fingers crossed they still like it when I’ve done that.

I’ve another publisher interested in my book based on a one paragraph pitch. And I have someone to act as my agent. Bad news? I’ve to do a complete re-write. I may have it ready this side of Christmas.

Why, oh why would anyone want to be a writer?


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Nothing for Ages and then Three Come Along at Once

I was feeling very sorry for myself. January, like for many people was not a good month for me. I got a rejection and three not very nice critiques of my stories. I was beginning to think that I should just forget about writing. After all, do people really want to read what I write?

Then, end of January I got short listed on the short story radio romance competition. I wrote up the second half of the story and sent it in. And what do you know? I came runner up. They sent me a detailed (wincingly thorough) edit of my story.  Yay! Although it would’ve been nice to win some money. One of these days I’m going to win! But I’m getting closer to it.

Then I got my critique from Abbey Hill while told me while I didn’t place in the top four I did make the last round. Yay!

And of course there’s my Enchanted Conversation story.

Still waiting to hear from the publisher. But the longer it takes the better apparently. I’ve almost got my submission ready for Carina Press.

Fingers crossed


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Procrastination is the name of the game

On the positive side I’ve sold another short story to www.enchantedconversation.org If you fancy submitting to them the next theme is The Litte Mermaid. I’ve submitted a few stories. My next aim is to polish up an historical novella for Carina Press.

On the negative side I’ve just realised how awful my historical novella is. So, do I keep revising or just start on something else? I’m going to stick at it for a few days anyway.

Its hard to stay motivated. Work is tough as always but its the same for everyone. At least I have a job. Its just too easy to be distracted. The latest timewaster I’ve discovered is Farmville on Facebook. Sorry, don’t mean to be so down. I need a good kick in the whatsits.

Take care


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Dancing Bare Foot around my Flat Part Two

I’ve sold my second story to Enchanted Conversation. Its always nice to hear an editor say my story is awesome. Now, all I need is to find a book editor who’s equally enthusiastic about my writing and willing to offer me enough to retire from my job, pay off my loans and… Sigh, unlikely I know.

Still I must be doing something right. Next thing is to polish up my CWA entry and get it in before midnight tonight. I’m sitting in Skylon Hotel watching Ireland thrashing Italy at rugby, 29 to 11. Then I’m off to meet the other Irish writers on Twitter in The Central Hotel. It should be a good night.

Take care


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Operation Transformation

I’m loving Operation Transformation on RTE. For non-Irish readers of my blog its a show following people as they aim to lose weight. The food and exercise plans of each person (called leaders) is on the RTE website. I’m not following any of the leaders as I’ve just started Weightwatchers (again) but its inspiring to watch. They’re training with the Irish army. I really felt for the guy who had to dive from a height when he’s scared of heights. I’m terrified of heights, and water.

I’m being weighted tomorrow and for some reason I’m very hungry tonight. I’m out of teabags but I don’t want to go to the shop in case I give in to temptation and buy chocolate and/or cake and/or sweets and/or biscuits. So I’m eating veg and I’ve sugar-free jelly waiting to set in my fridge.

I’ve not done a lot of writing this week. My Kindle is distracting me. I’ve to send all my pdf files to the kindle address and then wait until the converted files are sent back. And each file I send comes back in a separate email. Grrr! Its taking ages. On my first attempt I sent the documents to my kindle email instead of my kindle free email. So the documents were sent to my kindle via whispernet and I was charged a dollar per mb. Not a big deal you would think but they round up to the nearest megabite on each document. It cost me about 15 dollars. I do love my kindle but I’m suffering from a lot of internal conflict about it right now.

I’ve submitted to yet another agent today. Then I’ve to finish my Enchanted Conversation  submission based on Beauty and the Beast and my submission to Abbey Hill contest. Then I’ve… Oh, I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

Take care


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Galileo Galileo

Went to see ‘We Will Rock You’ at the O2 arena (still think of it as The Point) in Dublin for the opening night with my youngest brother. I saw it about 4 years ago and its been updated well.

Ten minutes into the show and they had to stop because of technical difficulties. Oh dear. Starts up again. Singers were amazing. Particularly the female lead Scaramoush. Wow! She belts out ‘I want to break free’. My brother said it was like the female reincarnation of Freddy Mercury.

Killer Queen is suitably dominatrix-like and an amazing singer. Galileo, the male lead was great. Britney Spears, head of the Bohemians was amazing. The Charlotte ‘Bleeding’ Church joke is not quite as funny as it was 4 years ago as its a little dated.  

Half way through the second half the microphones went. In fairness to the actors they kept going and its a tribute to just how strong their voices are that we could hear them as we were sitting way back close to the back. It took about half an hour to sort it out which wasn’t nice.

It started back up again with Scaramoush saying ‘As I was saying’ which was funny. Lots of girl power in it which is great. About two swear words and some adult humour but kids would love all the flashing lights. Everyone knows the lyrics so everyone sings along which is fun.

What made it extra special is that the guitarist, Brian May and the drummer (sorry, can’t remember his name) from Queen joined the cast and played on most of the songs.

Script written by Ben Elton, music, obviously from Queen. The story is totally daft but you could almost see how it could come true. Cleverest thing about it is that the music almost seems to be written to fit the show rather than the other way around.

The O2 arena is not very comfortable but with the show in full swing you dont really care. Expensive, 45 euros a ticket with 5 euros booking fee added on by Ticket Master (Grrr, how the heck do they justify that) but definitely worth it.


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A Cautionary Tale

Night duty, credit card and ebay, a very bad combination. While under the influence of sleep deprivation I bought an Amazon Kindle. And a cover and a screen protector. Ouch! Not good! Have to buy books for it now. My bank loves me.

On the good side my children’s story is about 3/4 of the way done. The bad news, its starting to read like the Perils of Penelope Pitstop. Anyone remember that one? Not good. I’m writing long hand at the mo’. I do that when I’m having problems making it flow. Its working but the flow is heading for the toilet. Oh well! The first draft is supposed to be rubbish.

I’ve got my submission ready for Little Black Dress. Well, it was ready a week ago but I’ve just been faffing around with it. And my two short stories. Its amazing how, as a writer I can justify my  procrastination by moving a word here and a word there.

Time to go to work. Only 3 more shifts to go until my week off.


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Oh Dear

Back to earth with a bang!!! Got a rejection from an agent. Albeit a nice one. She said my voice was endearing. That’s good, right?

Feel a little bit sorry for myself. The publishers thought it was good enough to ask to see the full ms and they haven’t rejected me, yet. But then two agents rejected it.

Oh well! I’ve lots of short stories to work on and then I’ll go back and review it again. Could be worse, I could’ve got the rejection from the publisher.


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